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TechCard is a simple building system that has been developed specially for use in schools.

Simple materials build into working models that demonstrate key science and technology topics.

TechCard offers a low cost ‘hands-on’ approach to  learning which is ideal for challenging subjects.

TechCard elements are made from high quality sturdy card and accurately punched and scored for easy folding. The accurate grid of holes make it easy to align axles, wheels and pulleys. Components are easy to cut, colour and stick together and require few tools and little building experience.

TechCard can be built into a wide range of working models that explore structures, mechanisms and forces. TechCard kits include a ‘Discovery Pack’ and ‘Follow the Force’ section. These sections ask pupils to investigate how the models work and include activities such as measuring, testing and experimentation.

TechCard elements build into structures and mechanisms that perform in a way that is uniquely similar to those in the real world making learning more relevant and more easily applied to the world around us.

TechCard has been used successfully in schools around the world for 20 years! TechCard is also ideal for home schooling, after school clubs, youth groups and STEM projects. In addition to the educational kits, TechCard has been used in a range of retail kits including a series selected by the London Science Museum.

TechCard is really green. All the structural components, wheels and cams are made from recycled material. The axles and pulleys are from responsibly sourced wood. All these parts are 100% recyclable. The kits are made in the UK reducing transport costs.

TechCard is produced by Arthur Heath & Co Ltd, Hall Road, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7QZ