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TC-2017-WS-Stem Top Image

STEM is an approach to teaching that brings together core subjects making them more dynamic and real. Science, technology and maths are combined through engineering based projects that make difficult concepts more engaging and accessible.

STEM aims to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration skills. Some schools have a significant STEM focus, others run STEM Clubs or simply use STEM as an approach to teaching multiple subjects making them more engaging and fun!

For an exciting STEaM based activity how about dividing the class into groups to design and build a ‘rocket’ powered record breaker like the Bloodhound SSC which aims to exceed 1000mph and break the World Land Speed Record!

Use the TechCard Balloon Powered Racer as a starting point – surprisingly the ‘balloon engine’ works in a very similar way to the Bloodhounds rocket engine!

Designing, building and racing their record breakers pupils will think and work logically, imaginatively and cooperatively.
They will need to plan and build carefully and they will investigate forces like friction and thrust. With everything ready its time for racing which will involve measurement, timing, charts and graphs.

Increasingly a new subject is being added to STEM with Art being included to enhance the design aspect of projects.